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Terms & Condition


  • Do not come with children for your appointment
  • Shutdown your phone or keep it in silent mode
  • Before you get on the massage table, remove all the jewelry.
  • If you need to cancel, call 3 hours before the appointment time.
  • Respect the time and be on time as per your appointment
  • If you come late for your appointment, we won’t be able to assure you for full service.
  • In case you are late, give us a call, and we will try to accommodate you with best of our capability. However, we give you no assurance for that.

Proper Draping

We use proper draping technique, and it will be used during the entire massage. Only currently focused area will remain exposed at any time of the massage and rest of the body parts will remain covered. In some cases, clients may need to keep their undergarments on so they do not expose their reproductive organs during massage, and we can work properly on those areas In some cases, other areas may be off limit as per client’s opinion. The client has the right to mention what other areas are not to be touched (such as chest, feet, naval area, etc.).


THIS SERVICE DOES NOT HAVE ANY ASSOCIATION WITH SEXUAL SERVICES. Any remark, or suggestion, or actions for the sexual references will result in the termination of the service or session and customer need to pay the full session fee.

Client Agreement

The sole purpose of Tibetan Herbal Body stealing, Traditional Chinese bodywork, and the Deep Tissue massage is only for stress reduction, relaxation, and relief from muscular spasm and tension. Also, it is helpful for the increase of energy flow and blood circulation level,

However, we do not evaluate any illnesses or health condition, nor we give you any promise for any treatment. Please understand this is not an alternate for any medical treatment or attention.