Aromatherapy massage

Aromatherapy massage

Aromatherapy massage is a therapy that includes essential oil in the massage lotion or oil. When you inhale the concentrated aroma oil with your nose, then you get beneficial changes in the limbic system of your brain. This limbic system of the brain is responsible for the control of your nervous system. Other than inhaling of essential oil, it also gets absorbed by the skin. This absorption and inhaling of essential oil help you get the best result from massage experience.

If we talk about the method of Aromatherapy massage, it is similar to Swedish massage, but it has added essence to it. With this relativity of Swedish massage, Aromatherapy massage gives you benefit in joints pain, muscles pain and other physical conditions. Along with that, its essential oils help you have a relaxation for your mental stress and tiredness as well. With the help of this massage, you can get benefits from insomnia, headache, digestive problem and back pain.

We offer our special offer for this massage that can help you have a pleasurable experience in a really cost-effective manner. Our team of Asian massage specialists as Hamden Spa Palace have years of experience for the different type of massages and they offer the best Aromatherapy massage to you. So, if you intend to have one, you can take it from us, and we would love to assist you in the best possible manner with all of our knowledge and efforts.

Time Duration(Minutes)Price in Dollor($)
30$ 50
60$ 70
90$ 100
120$ 130