Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage

At Hamden Spa Palace we offer Swedish massage with precision to our customers. You can consider this as one of the best known and most popular massage services. With the help of Swedish massage, we can help you have relaxation for the entire body. For optimum result, this massage technique simply uses the rubbing and gliding of muscles toward the direction of the heart. The best thing about Swedish massage therapy is that its effects are not limited only to body relaxation.

Various studies proved that the Swedish massage could increase the oxygen level in your blood that gives you energy. It can also reduce the muscles toxins, It can improve blood circulation, and it can offer flexibility while reducing the tension of your body. According to studies, 45 minutes of Swedish massage can decrease the cortisol hormone which is responsible for the stress. Other than this, it can also increase white blood cells in your body that can help you boost your immunity system in a significant manner.

Swedish Massage Technique

For the Swedish massage, our masseuse would use their hand and palm to apply circular pressure on your body. Other than this, firm kneading, bending, stretching and rhythmic tapping on the body is also a part of this massage technique. When you take our services for the Swedish massage, we encourage you to have a clear communication with your Asian massage therapist so we can offer the services that suit your specific needs or choices. Along with that, you can also share your preferences, and our experts will try to abide your request in the best possible manner.

Time Duration(Minutes)Price in Dollor($)
30$ 40
60$ 60
90$ 90
120$ 120