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We offer amazing services to our clients as per their specific needs.

Hamden Spa
Hamden Spa & Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is one of the most amazing ways to have relaxation for body and soul.

Hamden Spa & Massage

Swedish Massage

At Hamden Spa Palace we offer Swedish massage with precision to our customers...

Hamden Spa & Massage

Couples Massage

Couple massage is a great way to ignite the bond and love between couple along with relaxation...

Hamden Spa & Massage

Foot Massage

Foot reflexology or foot massage is one of the oldest methods of the message...

Hamden Spa & Massage

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage is one of its kind because in this massage therapist use smooth but heated stone...

Hamden Spa & Massage

Aromatherapy massage

Aromatherapy massage is a therapy that includes essential oil in the massage lotion or oil.

Avail Ultimate Relaxation & Relief With Hamden Spa Palace

In this fast-paced world, people are burdened with stress and tension. No one has the time to relax, in their personal as well as professional life. How long do you think such a hectic lifestyle can work? Let us say not long. You need and deserve some relaxation to rejuvenate your body and mind. This is when we come in and solve all your troubles. Hamden Spa Palace offers trail-blazing spa and Asian massage services to help you attain the ultimate relaxation. CT Asian massage near me offers services that cure your health and uplift your mood such as deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, hot stone massage, chair massage, reflexology, and anything that you can seek customization with. Have anything in mind regarding Hamden massage near me? Share it with us to serve you better.

Unwind the Stress Level with Hamden Spa Palace

Being the best Hamden massage service in New Haven and North Haven area, we specialize in pioneering and high-quality spa and massage services. We offer you the opportunity to relax, reconnect, and detox. You can get away from your daily stressful life and rejuvenate to tackle those problems with new vigor. Our CT massage SPA offers a soothing, peaceful, and tranquil atmosphere. When we call ourselves a one stop destination for relaxation and rejuvenation, we mean pampering your body and soul with trained staff, professional techniques; a calm and composed ambiance and the name speaks for all, Hamden Spa palace! For a perfect gateway to unwind all your stress and workload at an affordable rate or for the best Asian massage near me experience in Hamden, CT. visit us today!

Asian massage in North Haven & New Haven, CT

Your hunt for Asian massage services in the New Haven, North Haven and nearby CT areas ends, as Hamden Spa Palace has come up with an Asian massage in the New Haven and North Haven area. We are a one-stop destination for Deep Tissue Massage, Four Hands Massage, Chinese Massage, Aromatherapy, and a lot more. Hamden spa palace provides the best Chinese deep tissue massage in the county of New Haven.

We take immense pride in cultivating a holistic and comfortable space for all our valued customers at Hamden Spa Palace. Our professional massage services make your stay as rejuvenating as possible, around the areas of New Haven and North Haven. Amidst the heart of the city, we help you get relaxed and attain a tranquil and superb massage experience. Each of our Asian massage therapists is professional and skilled in several patterns and styles to offer our clients 100% massage benefits in the very first session. We are accepting appointments from New Haven, North Haven, and all nearby CT areas.

Are you looking for the finest Asian massage near you in CT?


We are recognized as the top destination for Asian massage in CT. Our Asian massage professionals ensure that the clients get the maximum advantages with quality massage services. If you are looking for the best experience of massage near me then we can be the best suitable match for your entire relaxation preferences. Hamden SPA Palace is one of the most recognized massage places near me, reputed for reflexology and other services of massage in CT. Call upon us to explore the top Asian spa near me and experience the next best rejuvenating massage session of your life.

You can choose from the varieties of massage near me we offer and then book an appointment through a phone call to get entertained completely. We are here to give you the best New Haven and North Haven area spa near me experience within your locality. Book a service and enjoy your leisure now!!!

Best Destination for your Asian Massage near Me Hunt


We are the perfect solution provider for all hunts for Asian massage near me. The trained professionals are prepared to render efficient Asian massage services for all the clients. You can spend your leisure in a completely serene environment while availing the benefits of rolling hands of skilled masseuses. We at Hamden Spa Palace guarantee the best relaxing moments for all no matter whether you are an individual or a couple. The proficient massage servers are available here to bring you the jovial minutes to delight your soul and body. Connect with us to get the finest solution for Asian massage spas near me query.

Reasons why you will visit this Hamden Spa Service:


Now we have concluded that you need a peaceful and relaxing massage session, the next question arises. Why should you choose us? What makes us different from all the other spa and massage centers?

Well, here are some reasons why you need to visit the best Asian massage center in CT Hamden, New Haven, and North Haven area as soon as possible.

Get a break from your daily stress:

Our daily life is filled with troubles and tensions. We are contently struggling to solve new and never-ending problems. Not only is it tiring but also quite monotonous. Massage Hamden CT will give you a happy break from this stressful and exhausting monotony. You can relax, rejuvenate, and just enjoy the tranquility of our spa. Our spa and massage treatments are specially curated to help you get rid of all your tension. You can decompress and enjoy a much-deserved break from your daily life.


Pamper your body:

We often neglect the needs and requirements of our bodies. This is one of the reasons we get easily tired or have muscle pains. Our pioneering Asian massage CT service targets all your physical ailments and provide instant relief. Our renowned deep tissue massage will take care of the deepest layers of your muscle tissues, fascia, and tendons. You can relax and unwind with lighter pressure from our Swedish massage. Our hot stone massage will increase your circulation and relieve any muscle pain and ailment. Just pamper your body with a relaxing and comforting experience.


Rejuvenate your mind:

Just taking care of your body will not do. You need to pamper your mind too with the best places of perfect spas near me. Visiting the Hamden massage spa will give you some much-needed mental relaxation. Our spa and massage treatment also target your psychological health and offer mental benefits. It will elevate your mood and clear up your mind. The wholesome treatment will help you get elevated self-esteem and confidence. Doesn’t that sound wonderful!


Bond with your loved ones:

In this busy world, we do not get enough free time to spend with our loved ones. Our Hamden massage service in New Haven and the North Haven area offers you the perfect opportunity to do so. You can relax and rejuvenate along with your friends or family. Our couple’s massage will not only take care of your stress but also help you strengthen your bond. Trust us, you and your better half will have an experience like nothing before.

These are the Hamden spa services those miraculous effects on your body mind and soul, and this is the reason it is growing interest among people.


* 60 minutes Foot Reflexology Massage begins with 15 minutes foot bath when we massage your neck shoulder and arms before your foot treatment. The total time of foot massage is 30 minutes long. For the last 15 mins, we will deep tissue massage your back. Asian traditional foot massage lasts an hour long and only costs $60

* Our most valuable combo Massage:
30 min foot + 30 min body = $60
60 mins deep tissue/Swedish + 30 min reflexology + hot stone = $90

*Add-on to your massage:
Aromatherapy - $10 extra
Hot Stone - Free (with any 60 minutes)
Free if you bring your own essential massage oil.

A peaceful session of Hamden Spa with advanced masssge services near me

Living in Hamden can be sometimes hectic and finding a destination to unwind from all your stress and workload can be bliss. We at Hamden Spa Palace have carefully built a tranquil environment to offer you unparalleled massage sessions. For immediate pain and stress relief joy, we have trained our masseurs to be professional in their service. Our massage parlor is filled with the best of spas near me and massage amenities to offer you a professional and delightful experience with no room for complaint. We offer you a serene and peaceful oasis at the heart of Hamden CT.

We won’t leave you stressed, book a Hamden massage session now

For the moments you spend here taking a massage, you enjoy every bit of it with a superb massage session and a great experience. Without any hesitation ask for anything and everything, as we aspire to offer you round-the-clock service. Do you know? We are a gift to your family? Gift a quick session to your loved ones, and see how happy they are. It is like, come stressed but go happily with a perfect Hamden Asian massage CT session. We are attentive to your comfort, as Hamden Spa Palace is dedicated to bringing the best-in-class massage experience for all its customers. To us, you are not just a customer, but an asset to satisfy and provide delightful care and enjoyment.

Traditional Thai Massage now in Hamden, CT

Unleash the potential in you with an extensive Thai massage from Hamden Spa Palace. Everyone here receives a unique treatment, and the massage sessions are tailored to meet personalized needs by Asian masseurs. We heal our clients with a professional and specialized Thai massage session that is curated to bring the best benefits to the body and mind. Unwind, relax and recharge your body with quick Thai massage therapy. Our authentic traditional Thai massage treats your body with the pleasures that it deserves. Enjoy all the benefits of the most popular Thai massage near me in our massage studio at 3030 Whitney Ave, Hamden, CT 06518, United States.

The best weekend rejuvenation with the best Asian massage near me

Nothing can be more relaxing than availing a rejuvenating session at an Asian massage near me. Our skilled masseurs help you relax your muscles and unwind yourself completely. We have handpicked Asian masseurs from multiple countries. We have Thai massage experts from Thailand, Chinese and Japanese masseurs, and so on. We specialize in multiple aspects of massage services and help our clients in staying cheerful with a calm attitude. When you are going to start your Monday, it is quite beneficial to opt for an Asian massage on Saturday or Sunday. Our masseurs understand how much mental and physical stress you have gone through. They have a perfect sense of identifying the pain zone of your body and then you get the best muscular relaxation therapy.

Our expertise in the massage domain makes us popular one

With our continuous service offering in different massage domains, we have become the number one massage spa center in Hamden CT. We have personalized massage packages for each of our individual clients. From quick to long massage sessions, we make it custom to meet your demands. The soothing aura and the hygienic massage tables ensure that you do not worry about anything. All you have to feel the calming therapy at the hands of our expert masseurs. It is the quality and well-managed service that keeps us in the top category of Asian massage parlor business near me.

The deep tissue massage that your muscles need

We specialize in deep tissue massage techniques. It is mainly recommended for sports injuries and strains. Applying pressure with slow and deep strokes, our masseurs work on the inner layers and tissues of your muscles. Overall, the efforts result in reducing the tension of tissue and muscle. Our deep tissue massage helps in reducing inflammation and increasing blood flow. Book a deep tissue massage near me with us and see how magically it heals your muscle strains.

Soothing Swedish massage

Before our masseurs start this massage session, they ask you about your lifestyle and health. The therapy involves long strokes, joint movement, and tapping strokes. We use different strokes for a complete relaxing therapy such as Effleurage, Petrissage, Friction, Tapotement, and Vibration. From smooth strokes, rolling, and circular movements to cupped hands therapy and vibration, we as one of the best massage places near me help you in getting a complete treatment that heals your muscle tension and releases all the stress levels.

The oily aroma of Aromatherapy massage

We have a huge collection of essential oils that are applied during this massage session. You can also make your choice among the wide range of essential oils available with us such as - cedarwood, lemon, tea tree, peppermint, bergamot, chamomile, geranium, ginger, eucalyptus, orange, lavender, and so on. Therapists are experts in applying oils all over the body in special ways so that it gives you complete freedom from all the physical aches. Try this best massage in Hamden CT and experience the eternal soothing pleasure.

Hot stone massage for immense benefits

Hot stone massage strokes bring immense benefits to the massage receiver. It helps in relieving muscle pain, redacted anxiety, and stress promotes sleep, and also boosts immunity. If you are having muscle pain, stress, or insomnia; hot stone massage therapy is a recommended massage option for you. In case of chronic pain, you need to speak to the masseur before taking this therapy.

Some remarkable benefits of getting our spa and massage treatment

Still unsure about visiting our Hamden Spa Center? Not sure how a massage treatment will benefit your health? Well, here are all the benefits of getting our spa and massage treatment.

Hamden Spa Palace

Helps you get rid of stress and anxiety- When you are under a lot of stress and tension, your body can suffer from problems such as weight gain, sleeplessness, headaches, digestive problems, and more. Getting access to the best Asian massage near me service helps you get rid of all the stress and anxiety in your daily life. You can relax, rejuvenate, and enjoy some much-needed tranquility.

Hamden Spa Palace

Reduces muscle and joint pain- If you suffer from muscle and joint pain, you need to get a massage treatment today. You will be spell bound by the results. Massage treatments go deep into your muscles and bones and help you get rid of the pain and discomfort. It also eliminates tense muscles and increases your body’s flexibility. It will remove all knots and stiffness to leave you relaxed and comforted.

Hamden Spa Palace

Improves your blood circulation- Getting our CT Asian massage treatment will improve your blood circulation and help you get healthier body functions. It will also help your body heal faster. Better blood circulation into the damaged and stiff parts of your body will cure and treat them too. Regular massages can also lower your blood pressure and keep it maintained.

Hamden Spa Palace

Improve your posture- Bad posture is extremely common nowadays. It also causes several neck, back, and muscle problems. You might even suffer from chronic back pain because of poor posture. Getting regular Asian massage near me service is a great way to improve your posture. Massaging your body helps it get into proper alignment and get back in the shape that is healthy for you.

Hamden Spa Palace

Boosts your immunity level- Looking to improve your overall health? Well, getting regular massages is exactly what you need. It increases your immunity level and helps you get better health. Not only do you get to relax and rejuvenate but also get to stay healthy and fit.

Hamden Spa Palace

Can you believe a simple massage can have such an impact on your body? You can choose any type from our availed variety to experience it now!

Hamden Spa Palace

Our Asian Hamden massage center as recognized among the finest massage places near me will leave you wanting more. Believe us when we say you will not want your session to end. So, what are you waiting for? Book your appointment and experience our pioneering spa and massage services today!

Asian massage CT

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Surprise someone with the best gift ever!

You can save by purchasing more than one Gift Certificate at a time. If you purchase 2 (120 minutes full body massage for 2), you save $10, If you purchase 3 (180 minutes full body massage for 3), you can save $20!


    $60/ 1 hour full body massage
    Buy 2 hours at a time/ $110. (Save $10)
    Buy 3 hours at a time / $160. (Save $20)

To order: Text us at (203) 864-6600 or Email us at [email protected].

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    Pricing Table

    This is the price list for our services.

    Hamden Massage
    Deep Tissue Massage
    pricing image
    30/60 minutes
    Swedish Massage
    pricing image
    30/60 minutes
    Couples Massage
    pricing image
    30/60 minutes
    Foot Massage
    pricing image
    30/60 minutes
    Hot Stone Massage
    pricing image
    30/60 minutes
    Aromatherapy massage
    pricing image
    30/60 minutes

    How to be a good massage receiver at Hamden Spa Palace?

    Do not hesitate to communicate: Yes, when you are at the best spa near me, you don’t have to worry about anything else. We love to listen to you. You should not hesitate to communicate about your pain point. Let us know the exact pain point and its location or any health or medical issue so that we can serve you with the best therapy.

    We love to see you relaxing: Our motto is to take you out of the stress zone. Being one of the best Asian massages near me hubs, we always ensure that you get the best massage spa treatment here. If you are getting healed with our therapy, let us know, we eagerly love to listen to this during the massage session. It motivates us and we help you in getting more relaxed.

    Keep lying down with no worries: Loosen your body completely and let us do the rest job. A good massage receives never makes their hands, finger, or legs stiff when we start giving you the unwinding therapies. You only have to stay lying down with complete relaxation and enjoy receiving quality massage therapies.

    Rate us for our quality service: We are confident that you will experience the best Asian massage therapy at Hamden Spa Palace. For our quality service, we expect to receive 5-star ratings with some words of appreciation from your side. A little bit of favor helps us in giving the unmatchable services.

    Ready for a cheerful mood at the best Asian massage near me

    We are counted among the best Asian massage near me destinations in Hamden CT. Our proven track record of quality services brings us the reputation that we deserve. Irrespective of the stressful reason you have for your mood, we invite you to this place of serenity where you will only have positive vibes. We guarantee that you will experience the top-class massage spa experience here. Our cooperative masseurs love to assist you in getting the best mood.

    All-in-one hub for Korean or Asian spa near me

    Visit Hamden Spa Palace, a dedicated Asian spa near me with all the facilities for the best Korean spa or Asian massage in CT. You will find the best Asian masseurs at this massage parlor. The delightful Asian spa ambiance and the hygienic process will align your mind, soul, and body. You can easily make your appointment with this Asian spa near me. Discounts are also available on combo Asian spa packages. Book the best massage in Hamden, CT, and experience the best soothing aura! Call now to book a session at this massage parlor!

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