Chinese Deep Tissue Massage

Chinese Deep Tissue Massage

Chinese deep tissue massage is one of its own kind of unique massage services that deeply heals the pains prevailing in human tissues and gives the relaxing vibes to the fullest. At Hamden Spa Palace, we offer you the finest Chinese deep tissue massage in Hamden, CT. Our all massage specialists from Asian countries are well-versed in this massage segment. And most noteworthy, each of our massage professionals has at least 5 years of experience with deep tissue massage and its associated wings. Being completely experienced we bring all reasons for our clients to get the best and get ultimate rejuvenating experience in all the possible dimensions. We have extensive track record of CT massage spa and we are successfully assisting our clients by delivering them the excellent options to receive finest massage services.

Five Interesting things to know about Chinese deep tissue massage:–

  1. It was developed more than 4,000 years by the Chinese masseurs. It has adopted tui na, zhi ya traditions and Chinese medicine approach and then got refined with Chinese massage techniques and become popular on the name of Chinese deep tissue massage.
  2. The masseurs delivering deep tissue massage are strong and healthy persons and they are energetic and well aware of the diverse healing modalities.
  3. Tui na and zhi ya are the most popular Chinese massage techniques, having maintained its prominence over thousand years ago. Tui na stands for pushing, stretching and kneading muscles and Zhi ya on the other hand involves pinching and pressing of muscles.
  4. Both these techniques also involve several hand techniques (shou fa). These techniques in Chinese deep tissue massage are applied to sedate (yin) and stimulate (yang) the person who is availing the service.
  5. Thus Chinese deep tissue massage becomes the perfect balance of yin and yang energies resulting in improved flow of blood in human body, relaxing muscles and better health.

What are the real benefits of Chinese deep tissue massage?

Removing several layers of emotional stress, Chinese deep tissue massage involves breaking down scar tissue, reducing pain and increased blood circulation. Some of the top benefits are –

• Ultimate vigor, energy and strength
• Improved cardiovascular health
• Lower back pain relaxation and sciatica
• Balanced blood pressure
• Relaxation from adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulders)
• Easily rid of arthritis symptoms
• Improved immunity system
• Sound sleep – relief from insomnia
• Improved health and function of organ and tissues
• Positive hormone release
• Increased circulation of blood
• Relief from anxiety and stress
• New flow of energy
• Improved posture

Hence, for a healthier and balanced body and mind, Chinese deep tissue massage has proved to be the most essential massage service for all. Chinese massage has proved its relevance all over the world. Clients all over the world are enjoying the physical and mental benefits of this deep tissue massage service. Along with stress relief and body relaxation, Chinese masseurs help clients in availing optimum therapeutic benefits of deep tissue massage. Overall we bring the holistic and healthy experience for our clients by giving them the best massage treatment through the hands of our expert masseurs.

We have years of successful track record of delivering Asian massage services and we are strictly adhered to meeting the demands of our clients with our top class services. Being in the long run of Asian massage and spa industry, we have adopted the best techniques from the far eastern countries and streamlined them with our western methodologies to give the proficient service delivery. We have well recognized the benefits of deep tissue massage embedded in the deep rooted Chinese tradition and science of medicine and have brought the finest service access for our clients. We have gone through years of profession and maintained the smooth relation with our extensive clientele.

Our expertise help our clients in assimilating the peaceful soul, healthy mind and relaxed, stronger and calm body in perfect alignment so that they could become more productive and focus on their activities properly. We have touched each horizon of Asian massage technique and successfully serving the wants of our clients with delivering the incredible range of services for years. We are committed massage spa center with our amazing deals to make it friendly and smooth going massage services.

We have done extensive research in Asian massage segment and brought the most lucrative massage package so that accessing the massage services from us, individuals can get relieved to the fullest and find the new flow of recreational and positive energy inside them. Following such great therapeutic massage practices by China and other Asian countries, we are here to boost up your hormones, blood flow and overall health. Our Hamden massage service is focused on overall well-being and thus taking our massage services can add new happy vibes in your life and you will be feeling yourself into a new state of excitement along with utmost serenity.

Our service providers maintain high level of hygiene and deliver excellent services to our clients in order to keep them happy and relaxed. All of our Asian masseurs have gone through professional training and their industry expertise of years have made them the best service providers in accordance with the different preferences and diverse healing requirements of our clients.

When it comes to choose the best CT Asian massage package with us, we offer the exclusive deals in ever best reasonable prices. Currently we are offering $10 off on $60 massage package, so it’s only $50 for one hour and it also includes free hot stone massage. We are here to make it easily accessible for you so that you have no reason to go disappointed. Seeing you happier and healthy is our motto and we are here moving further with constant addition of amazing CT massage service options from time to time. We are here to serve you with our excellence in Asian massage varieties and we would be delighted to hear from you. You can connect with us through our contact number and book your appointment to get relaxed today.

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