4 Hands Massage

4 Hands Massage

Massage is the best way to have relaxation from mental and physical stress. But sometimes your stress could be so high that a regular massage may not do anything good for you. In that situation, a four hands massage could be the best choice for you. In this massage, 2 massage therapists do the massaging for you with a synchronized movement. The massage can be as good as having 2 massages at once. At Hamden Spa Palace out massage therapist work simultaneously on your body as a canvas and that helps you to get the best relaxing experience.

When you choose 4 hands body massage, your body and mind react differently. In the start, your mind start focussing on the therapist’s hands, but soon your brain loses the tracks of who is doing the massage and this confusion gives the relaxation to your body and brain. Once you get the 4 hands massage body, you feel free from anxiety or stress. Apart from that, you get all the other amazing benefits as well that you can get with any kind of body massage.

If you want to experience this pleasure and relaxing experience, you just need to visit Hamden Spa Palace in CT, and you can have it. To have a pleasurable experience with our 4 hands massage, you just need to share your requirement with our Asian massage specialists, and they will do as you ask them to do.

Time Duration(Minutes)Price in Dollor($)
30$ 80