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Massage is the need of the hour. The fast lifestyle and work have taken a toll on lives. Health and happiness have been hindered. An Asian massage from Hamden Spa and Palace offers you a tranquil and perfect rejuvenating experience.

Our world-class and finest spa and massage sessions will offer you a trail-blazing experience. As the best Hamden Spa massage service provider in the New Haven and North Haven areas, customers can now experience our specialized massage services and high-end, top-notch quality spa.

Best place to get an Asian massage

At Asian Massage near North Haven, we guarantee our customers the best massage experience. We offer solutions for all kinds of health ailments and mind-related issues. Our professional massage therapists are well trained and experienced in various forms of massage sessions. Customers can spend their leisure in a completely serene environment while availing themselves of the benefits of the rolling hands of skilled masseuses. We at Asian massage near New Haven guarantee 100% relaxing moments and the sessions are ideal for couples and individuals. Connect with us today for a jovial minute of satisfaction at the very first session of Asian massage in New Haven.

Are you looking for the finest Asian massage near New Haven?

Asian massage New Haven is a one-stop destination to explore a wide range of relaxing and soothing Asian massage sessions. If you are hunting for an Asian massage near North Haven, Hamden Spa and Palace is all set to offer you tranquil and peaceful massage sessions. We help you to customize your desires to get the best massage benefits in the very first session. We are reputed for our professional massage therapists, along with our crafted services like Deep Tissue Massage, Chinese Deep Tissue Massage, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, and Swedish massage. Our massage rooms are clean, hygienic, and well maintained. We offer a completely serene and peaceful ambiance for our clients to have a rejuvenating massage session. Call us today to explore the top Asian massage in New Haven and get the best experience of Asian massage.

Book our Asian massage in New Haven today and we will not leave you stressed

To keep everything in order and to give our clients the most bang for their buck, we keep a reservation system in place to help them. We offer round-the-clock booking services to help your clients with amazing service times. Call us today, to book your session of rejuvenation with us instantly.

There are some amazing benefits to taking our Asian massage services.

  • Body posture improvement: Correct your body’s posture with our amazing range of services. Our trained professionals will help you get the right posture with regular Asian massage sessions.
  • Improve blood circulation: Our Asian massage treatment will help you to get improved blood circulation, and it will improve your health. It will also help your body heal faster.
  • Reduce pain: Muscles and joint pains can easily be treated with regular Asian massage near North Haven. The advantages and outcomes of getting a massage for pain will astound you.
  • Get away from stress: When you are under any sort of stress or anxiety, you may experience many problems, such as digestive issues, weight gain, skin problems, headaches, and more. Treat your stress level with a tranquil and ravishing Asian massage.

A peaceful session of Asian massage near North Haven and New Haven

Asian massage is crafted with professional healing benefits that keep the clients healthy and happy. Hamden Spa and Palace offers a wide range of tranquil and enticing Asian massages near North Haven. Our massage sessions are curated with the gift of massage to help clients notice an improvement in the very first session of massage:

Deep Tissue Massage: Our very popular Deep Tissue Massage offers relief from muscle and tissue strains and tensions. Well-trained professional therapists have hands-on experience in exerting the right tissue manipulation to offer benefits from pain and stress.

Swedish Massage: Our professional Swedish massage helps with maximum anxiety reduction and winds up all the stress in the body. It helps with ultimate relaxation.

Chinese Deep Tissue Massage: Chinese Deep Tissue Massage is ideal for clients in pain. The massage therapists apply finger strokes and pressure to certain painful parts and affected points of the body.

Chair Massage: A Chair massage is a session of 10-15 minutes and focuses on the hands, arms, shoulders, and neck. It is an ideal, smooth, and fast session for clients with a busy schedule.

Aromatherapy: Aromatherapy is a full body massage that is done with essential oils to soothe the body and calm down the mind.

Hot Stone Massage: Hot and cold stones are applied to the areas of pain. Clients with chronic and acute pain benefit from our Hot Stone Massage.

Our specialties

15 minutes of foot massage and then the neck, shoulders, and arms before the foot treatment is started. The Asian foot massage lasts for an hour and will cost the customers around $42.

Our most valuable combo massage

30 minutes for the feet and 30 minutes for the body equals $60.

60 minutes of deep tissue/Swedish massage + 30 minutes of reflexology + hot stone massage = $85

*Add-on to your message:

Aromatherapy-$10 extra.

Free Hot Stone Massage (with any 60-minute appointment)